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Friends Only [
Posted on June 01, 2020 @ 4:46 pm
[ mood | geeky ]

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Please join! It's for my class!! [
Posted on September 06, 2007 @ 3:04 pm
I have to make a functioning community for my class and only 2 people have posted in it so far!! PLEASSEEE JOIN and POST!! :) muchas gracias. especially to those of you who HAVE joined, THANK YOU!!

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Posted on September 03, 2007 @ 1:25 pm
[ mood | annoyed ]


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I'm okay, this time, I won't try to stop you. It's all chemistry of a car crash. [
Posted on April 01, 2007 @ 2:56 am
[ mood | cold ]

go check out heyheyyouyouand read something i wrote for english class...i have to post 5-8 articles i write online and that's one of them. we have to find something scientific or new, and then add personal aspects to it and raise questions. add me as a friend! let me know your thoughts!! :)

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Posted on October 29, 2006 @ 12:51 pm
Yay for the 311 cd :) (From Chaos)

Danielle got me hooked on Augustana. Too bad they came here in september with SNOW PATROL. that would've been an amazing show.

Sorry about my uh...post the other night. What can I say? I was having fun haha.

Just to get this out of the way, I think my sister is beautiful, BUT she's a fucking bitch. I don't come home to hear her classic line, "you don't live here anymore, I'M the priority." Seriously, she needs to get over herself. there's more important things in life than being a bitch to someone you share the same blood with...and this weekend, my cousin was here as well and they're like "omgbfforeverandeveromg!" and so it's even oh so much better when they're together and my mom fusses over them and thinks they're the best people on earth and they are all superexclusive. God, it's like they're married or something. ugh. i like my cousin, don't get me wrong, but we aren't "friends" or anything near to what her and my whore of a sister are.

I'm just excited to get back to GCSU and drink my fake wine with my BAMFs. :)

Anyways, Friday was awesome. I rode home with christina and that was fun, and then we went to the homecoming game! it was a lot of fun seeing a ton of people i knew and hearing someone yell out my name was pretty fun haha. i didn't end up seeing some of the people i wanted to though, but oh well. I got a ton of hugs and got to see people who i've really missed. it was good being back, but northview is definately a closed chapter in my life and i did feel pretty out of place being there...at the end of the game while we were trying to leave, it started pouring! Christina and I danced in it on the field and it was really fun...but left me soaking wet for the next couple of hours! (no fun!)

I met up with Chelsea and we took marta to atlanta. danielle & dustin (oh soooo cute!) picked us up after we encountered a crazy homeless man and a couple gangsters (no joke! it was after midnight lol). we got ready at danielle's and went up to maria's party. it was really fun hanging out with everyone (melissa, angela, chelsea, maria, etc.) and meeting matt and paul! haha. We stayed there until after 3 in the morning, and then went back down to danielle's and we all hung out there and were awake until probably almost 6 a.m. it was sooo much fun. i love all of those girls soooo much. i have an extra ride left on my marta breeze card, sooooo i'm definately coming back soon! haha.

Yesterday morning, chelsea and i drove back from marta and stopped at this place called "Fagan's biscuit barn" for breakast...we'd both been curious about it so we stopped there...it was gooood. haha. i slept through part of the day and went out for dinner with my parents and then we rented "prime" and watched it...yeah, i'm not really a fan. the ending SUCKED. i bought "casanova" but i haven't seen it yet, so i'm waiting to go back to school and watch.

I'm leaving around 3 to go back to milledgeville with christina paul and that'll be fun, rockin' out in the car! haha. i have to go pack AND i'm going to target!!! ahh! so excited!!!!!!!!! haha. okay, goodbye!
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Shalom! [
Posted on June 15, 2006 @ 4:03 am
hey everyone! i don't have much time on the comp AND it's like 4 a.m. here (the only time i COULD get on a comp) so i'm gonna type hopefully quick. israel is AMAZING. i love it here...i actually would want to live here if i could! its so beautiful. my whole trip has been one of firsts. my first crush on an israeli medic (ours is fucking drop dead gorgeous!), my first crush on an israeli soldier (eh..he has a girlfriend! ugh! hahah), i climbed up a few mountains (and it was HARD as hell!), my first OD on ibuprofen (no joke), my first hookah smoke!!, my first time out at bars (legally!! yeah baby!), clubbing in jeruselem and tel aviv, staying on a kibbutz, making friends with israeli army pilots, my firs ttime using a credit card,my first encounter with REAL ethnic food, sleeping in a bedouin tent, RIDING A FUCKING CAMEL!!!, my first view into how guys REALLY talk about girls (i'll thank geoff and mike for that one!) my first time floating in the dead sea (and damn...they aren't kidding when they say it burns...long story ;p ) and soo much more. the people on my trip are awesome. some are dumb and really fake, but most are just really cool. it has not been an easy trip, but its been very worthwhile. i honestly have never had sorer calves in my life, but obviously it must be good! i've fallen in love with pineapple popsicles and israeli boys. andrea and i are having an amazing time, and i couldn't ask for anything differently...well...except for a couple things lol. anyways, i really have to go, but i miss you all like crazy and i'll see you all soon! 

oh yeah i got my gcsu housing! i'm in napier II in room 315 p i think..i don't have it up now. love you all!!!!!  i dunno when i can get on a comp next btw, but send me messages/comments anyways!!
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hmmm... [
Posted on June 08, 2006 @ 8:02 am
[ mood | nervous ]

Hey everyone! I have to go get ready, so I'm keeping this short. I'm going to Israel for 10 days starting this morning with Andrea! We're flying to NYC, and then from there, flying to Israel around 11:50 tonight.  I may or may not be able to get online (I probably can tomorrow night and the night after because the hotel supposedly has internet for like $6 u.s. an hour) so email me or leave comments if you'd like! i probably won't be able to check lj, but i can probably update occasionally if i can get online. I love all of you!! my email is rockprincess173@msn.com so definately drop me a line if you'd like! maybe email me your lj entries if you REALLY want to lol. but put your name or something in the subject line so i know to read it. Goodbye and try not to miss me too much!! ;) I love you all!!


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